远程工作已经存在. 当前的招聘现状是否适合所有人? When hiring locally is no longer sustainable, emerging markets hold a wealth of tech talent. 请加入黄金城平台的访谈节目:请加入克里斯汀·史蒂文斯, 安德拉首席技术招聘人员,由布里·哈维尔主持, 安德拉综合运动的负责人, 当他们[…]

International Women’s Day: Breaking the bias for women in tech – with Alaina Percival, Women Who Code的首席执行官

The remote world is unlocking for everyone —but specifically software engineers— amazing job opportunities with international companies like never before. 无论是一个机会还是一个热, 风投支持的初创公司爆炸, 一个科技独角兽, 或者是一个坚如磐石的大公司, being prepared with insider information is vital to be able to eloquently tell your story in a compelling and desirable way.

资讯科技总监100虚拟研讨会 & 奖

请参加今年的CIO 100虚拟研讨会 & 8月17日至18日的颁奖典礼 & 24-25. At this event we’ll be joining the best and the brightest minds in IT for an immersive and interactive experience! 黄金城平台会有一个虚拟的展位, 将会有15分钟的炉边谈话,由黄金城平台自己的副总裁[…]

Talks at 黄金城平台: Cracking the PM Career: What It Takes to Succeed as a Product Manager

这次活动已经结束,但是Jackie Bavaro在黄金城平台的博客中进行了回顾. 检查一下! 在黄金城平台的演讲是一个网络研讨会系列,向非洲和其他地区的技术生态系统开放, with the aim of connecting tech thought-leaders and experts around the world with engineers; 分享经验, 教训, 以及多方面的技术建议和[…]

使用GraphQL API构建集成

This month’s workshop will be facilitated by Brian Douglas – Staff Developer Advocate at GitHub. The move to GraphQL marked a larger shift in GitHub’s Platform strategy towards more transparency and more flexibility in our API. 在过去的几年里, GitHub has been iterating on their schema to bring it closer towards feature completeness and strengthening the use for […]


This month’s workshop will be facilitated by Ufuk Kayserilioglu – Production Engineering Manager at Shopify. 作为ruby爱好者,黄金城平台对这门语言的热爱主要是由它的动态性驱动的. 然而, that same feature usually ends up making large codebases hard to read and understand. When working on a sizeable codebase it becomes very difficult to know what type of values […]


This month’s workshop will be facilitated by Dan Putman, Solutions Engineer at Codacy. Engineers are always looking to maximise their time behind the keyboard actually building their product. 然而, 任何不平凡的项目, the code must be kept clean in order to maintain development speed and reduce defects. 在这个环节中,收回你的时间:缩放代码评审|[…]

干净代码 & 体系结构

本月的研讨会将由杰里米·阿佩尔(Jeremy Appel)主持, 摩根大通公司软件工程副总裁. 干净代码 and Clean 体系结构 are both filled with principles that are timeless and can be applied regardless of the programming language in use. 在这个车间, Jeremy Appel will guide us in gaining practical knowledge on how to think about clean code […]

超越$ rails新

本月的研讨会将由Paul Oguda, 黄金城平台的软件工程师协助. 多年来,Rails的魅力就在于“Rails新”的命令。. 通过这个, you are taken to a different world that made many people start out as software engineers as it made things seem easy (though that might not be the case!). 这[…]


This month’s workshop will be facilitated by Mayowa Egbewunmi, Senior Software Engineer at 黄金城平台. Reactive programming is widely used in many programming languages and advance android development requires knowledge of Reactive programming.  在这个车间, you will learn how to use reactive programming to simplify concurrent operations. Mayowa拥有超过7年的Native手机应用开发经验。