How Remote Engineering Teams Navigate Technical Innovation in Financial Services

According to a recent report from The Business Research Company, 预计全球金融科技市场将增长至 $309.980亿年 以每年24.8%到2022, signaling a wider trend around the increasing importance of technical investment in the financial services industry. With that said, the industry still remains one of the most highly regulated in the world. How can remote engineering teams in this space develop technically innovative solutions while adhering to a complex suite of compliance requirements? 在这篇文章中, we’ll discuss how engineers working in the financial services industry succeed at this balancing act.

Embracing the Public Cloud (and Internal Regulation) for Optimal Security

Financial services firms deal with massive amounts of sensitive data and a complex suite of regulatory environments. 但是越来越多的这样的公司, 受到低成本承诺的诱惑, 增强可伸缩性, 并增加弹性, 要离开他们的物理数据中心,搬到其他地方吗 . 他们是如何实现这一转变的? According to Gartner Research Director Jason Malo: “Financial services firms have shown that it’s possible to leverage all of the benefits of a public cloud infrastructure while also remaining compliant and highly secure.”

事实上,AWS的身份和访问管理(AWS我) make it easy for engineers working in the financial sector to manage access to AWS services and resources securely. 使用最小许可原则, stakeholders grant other team members only the permissions required to complete a task.

In addition to all of the privacy features and controls in place on public cloud platforms, remote engineers working at financial services firms also work closely with internal auditing teams. 这些内部小组的作用是提供额外的保障, reviewing each phase of work and flagging any issues or problematic tools in order to ensure all software development work adheres to security and compliance best practices.


Technical agility is only valuable if paired with regulatory understanding. This is why remote engineers working at financial services firms are required to complete many hours of compliance and risk management training before beginning a project.

It is only with this foundation of regulatory understanding in place that engineers placed with 黄金城平台 can effectively showcase their technical expertise. 无论是Java, 春天, 反应, Kubernetes, 或AWS, our teams have a vast array of knowledge surrounding the coding languages, 框架, 需要工具和云平台来推动创新.


Engineers must understand that the regulatory landscape in the financial services sector is constantly changing. 这就是为什么黄金城平台如此强调构建模块化, 可配置的, and easily automated applications that can evolve quickly and seamlessly.

黄金城平台 engineers will frequently leverage infrastructure as code (IaC) tools like Terraform to refactor code which makes it easier to create, 更新, 并根据需要删除资源. 和黄金城平台所有的项目一样, we build out this proposed work in phases and internal risk mitigation teams are looped in every step of the way. This approach is necessary in order to work in an automated and agile fashion: organizations that don’t modularize IaC are updating unique configurations with manual processes, 哪种方法会导致效率低下和错误.


Critical to our clients’ successes is 黄金城平台’s “team within a team” model. 在这里, engineers are paired with Technical Delivery Partners (TDPs), 每个客户账户中都嵌入了哪些人. They function as a team lead and act as a technical subject matter expert. The TDPs work with their team of engineers to leverage Scrum methodology, Confluence and other project management tools to ensure that initiatives are being prioritized accordingly. They also meet with the client frequently to ensure that our projects and our engineers are meeting expectations.


如果你正在打造一个全球性的产品, 您将从全球代理中受益, and we’re proud to work with a network of talented engineers from all over the world. 黄金城平台’s mission is to connect brilliance with opportunity irrespective of race, 性别, 和地理. Our engineers advance through merit and we are in the constant pursuit of the democratization of opportunity. 这确保了黄金城平台的客户获得高参与度, 高能力的人才, with diverse global perspectives capable of meeting our clients’ innovation challenges.


The financial sector will always have stringent regulations, 但现在, 比以往任何时候都更, firms in this space are recognizing that technical innovation is not only beneficial — it’s a necessity. 给在这个领域工作的优秀软件工程师, the possibilities for creative solutions are endless as they work within the constructs of the industry’s evolving regulatory 框架.

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