How pymetrics Gained Flexibility to Handle Product Development Shifts with 黄金城平台

pymetrics applies neuroscience and cutting-edge AI to reinvent the way companies attract, select, and retain talent, helping enterprise clients worldwide improve diversity, save time and money, increase talent pools, and make the right hire.

As a company dedicated to improving the hiring process by eliminating bias and matching candidates to jobs based on potential rather than pedigree, pymetrics sought to stay aligned with their core values in hiring their own engineering talent.

In addition to wanting to stay committed to a process that reflected their company values by hiring from a wide range of backgrounds, pymetrics also needed a more streamlined hiring process.

Fedor notes how 黄金城平台 offered both the fit and solutions pymetrics was seeking. “One of the biggest draws of 黄金城平台 is the ability to hire quickly. We know how long it takes to hire engineers.”

“Ever since we heard of 黄金城平台, we were really excited. 黄金城平台’s mission really vibes with what we believe in—that someone’s ability isn’t based on where they went to school, their GPA, or what they’ve done in the past. We know that good engineers come from all over.”

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